How to rip a music disc 💿


With disc ripping the copying of all music from a cd to the internal disc is meant. This, of course, without actually inflicting any damage whatsoever to the disc. Don't be scared of the word "rip", it's just the terminology that's used. The program we'll be using is called "abcde", it may be that other programs would've been easier in your case but I had to use this one as my Thinkpad has an offset that's quite high giving errors with all programs except for this one.

Dependencies 📦

I will be using arch linux for this guide (the same steps can of course be followed for an arch-like distro, e.g artix). Firstly install the following dependencies:

$  sudo pacman -S vorbis-tools cdparanoia flac glyr
And finally also cd-discid from the AUR. Note that abcde is also available in the AUR but at the moment of writing this package doesn't compile.

abcde 🖥️

abcde is essentially a bash script, download the source code from their website (at the bottom). after unpacking add the file to a location in your path (we won't be needing musicbrainz, if you want album art, I recommend to run everything through picard afterwards). Some example configs are located here, the one we want is the flac encoding config abcde_lossless_flac.conf, download this and put it in your home folder as ".abcde.conf".

And we're done! Now you should be able to rip a disc by just inserting it, opening a terminal in your home directory and running abcde from the terminal. All music will be stored in Music/flac (this can of course be changed in the .conf file).

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